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Licensing and joint development of antibodies

Business Model of Evec

Evec specializes its business and technical positions in developing human monoclonal antibodies, and licensing pharmaceutical companies to use them.

By taking this form, Evec concentrates on the unique and steady development of highly active antibodies, and operates the business with different strategy from other antibody developers. Among the numerous competitors all over the world, none but Evec has established the technique to develop highly active antibodies suitable for marketing, which we find is our superiority.

Evec concentrates on the process of antibody development where we have advantages, and entrust partner companies to achieve antibody production and clinical development where they have advantages. Evec’s business model does not go through “death valley”. Allied pharmaceutical companies proceed to clinical development and apply for medical approval, supported by their rich resources in fund, staff and know-how, in their respective countries. It is a merit of this business model that commercialization can be speedier and with less risk, while in most venture operations, a company itself goes through each phase of clinical development before applying for medical authorization.

Since Evec’s ideal is to provide effective medicine swiftly into the market, we opted to form alliances with companies advantageous in the respective process. After licensing them, Evec receives the initial contract fee, and in the following 10 years approximately, they carry out clinical trials and proceed to the steps for authorization, during which Evec receives milestone payments, corresponding to their business progresses. After commercialization, Evec receives the patent royalties in proportion to the gross revenues.

Evec’s business domain

Apart from the upgraded technique, Evec conducts high-level administration (in quality, safety, ethic standard, compliance etc.) , well satisfying the due diligence, including that of the top overseas pharmaceutical companies.

It is our mission to save the lives of many people with our excelled technique and to alleviate the burdens of patients, economically, mentally and physically. We believe that we can consequently contribute to improve the management of medical finance. It is our task to develop human monoclonal antibodies of high quality, which will be provided as effective medicine to patients through major pharmaceutical companies, our partners.

To companies interested in Evec’s technology

We provide fully human antibodies.
Evec achieved developing several fully human antibodies with our own technique.
We provide them to companies seeking for new therapeutic candidates.
We develop antibodies of your interest.?
We welcome pharmaceutical companies interested in forming alliance with us, entrusting monoclonal antibody development to us. Let us know, first, what kind of human antibody development your company needs for proceeding to your antibody medicine development.
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