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Our business

Our mission
Amid the highly competitive business world of antibody medicine, we have achieved the technique to develop antibodies which replaces the currently major method of using mouse. We aim to further upgrade our techniques and provide high-quality antibodies to the world from Japan
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Development of fully human antibodies
Evec’s antibodies are highly active as they are developed from human blood lymphocytes, and less costly, being free from the licensing fees for human monoclonal antibodies charged by the Western antibody developers.
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Licensing and joint development of antibodies
Evec specializes in developing antibodies, and takes the business model that Evec provides them to pharmaceutical companies for further development.
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Our strategy
Antibodies developed by the conventional techniques, including antibody medicines in the market, have the problem that they cannot exert positive effects unless a large dose is administered, or the problem of mouse-derived side-effects. And most of the antibody developing techniques are patented in the Western world, for which use patent-granted companies claim large amounts of license fee. To solve the problems, Evec established the technique to develop fully human antibodies using EB virus.
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Evec's Products for Licensing
Monoclonal Abs that we have generated are those for Clostridium difficile, human Metapneumovirus (hMPV) and high mobility group box 1 (HMGB1).
We are seeking for pharmaceutical companies who could develop these Abs toward pharmaceuticals. Please contact info@evec.jp.
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Contract services
Evec has started offering several contract services.
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  • Minister Award for Science, Technology and Innovation Policy of Japan