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Company history

Background of establishment

Antibodies are a key element of self-defense system of living bodies. They are very promising as molecular-targeting therapy for infection, cancer and others; so far the antibodies for B lymphoma, breast cancer, rheumatoid arthritis etc. have been materialized as therapeutic drugs. It proves their effects that 25% of medicines presently under development are antibody drugs, and that market value of antibody medicine is estimated to be 50 billion dolloars in 2013.

To this date, the technique of mouse antibody development has been established. However, mouse antibodies pose the problem of high antigenicity in its application to human, being a foreign protein; hence techniques of human antibody development are being devised to replace it, which pose different problems, however. Namely the techniques of human antibody development are mostly patented in Europe and USA, for which high royalty is claimed, and production cost itself by the presently available techniques is extremely high.
Evec was established with the aim to overcome those problems. We develop and provide human antibodies by our original technique, less costly and more reliable.

History of Evec Inc.

Jan 10, 2003 Established
Apr 2004 Grant for “Development of technology to generate fully human antibodies as lead drugs and establishment of a large-scale production system” from Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan (Consortium R & D Project for Regional Revitalization 2003-2004)
Jun 2004 Successfully developed 2 fully human antibodies (GM-CSF, CMV).
(reported in the front-page article of The Business Daily)
Jan 2005 Grant for “Development of technology to generate fully human
antibodies against a diversity of antigens” from the New Energy and
Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO) of Japan
(Project: Practical Application of Industrial Technology)
Jun 2005 Exhibition at the BIO 2005 (Philadelphia)
Dec 2005 Exhibition at the Conference of Antibody Medicine (San Diego)
Sep 30,2008 Contracted with Boehringer Ingelheim GmbH (Head office in Germany) on licensing one kind of antibody for commercial development
Oct 2008 Presentation at the Bio Japan 2008, titiled “Key to a successful licensing of our product to big pharma.”.
Apr 2009 Relocation of the laboratory to the present address for expansion.
Jun 2009 Minister Award, from the Science, Technology & Innovation Policy of Japan for “Development of technology to generate antibodies derived from human lymphocyte using the EB virus”
Aug 14 2009 Grant for “Development of the technique to facilitate human antibody
generation” from NEDO of Japan (Project: Venture Business –
Innovation and Practical Application of Industrial Technology)
Oct 2009 Exhibition at the Bio Japan 2009 (Pacifico, Yokohama)
Sep 5 2011 Evec signed the contract with Astellas Pharma Inc. , on licensing one antibody for commercial development.
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  • Minister Award for Science, Technology and Innovation Policy of Japan